by Mario Perrotta

the project

2013 - 2015

con lo specchio del Toni

June 2013 - A person
Spring Festival of Theatre 2013 - "Un bès - Antonio Ligabue," The first play is a monologue where I will be alone in front of Ligabue - a person, not just an artist.
Being “outside” is an inhuman condition, but it is also a perfect point of view.
Being a fool, an “outsider”, allowed Ligabue to produce paintings that can bring you “inside” his world. This power, however, wasn't enough to save him from the lack of love.

UN BÈS - ANTONIO LIGABUE (photo by Luigi Burroni)

Summer 2014 - The interior Landscape - Switzerland
In the second play actors, musicians and dancers to give a voice and a physical energy to Ligabue's world. His obsessions turn into the dancing bodies, animals, faces and landscapes of his pictorial imagination, rooted in his mythical Switzerland and what I believe were his thoughts.

For this second chapter I'll be honored to work with a great belgian dancer, choreographer and director, Micha Van Hoecke, who will “talk” to the bodies of the actors and dancers over the borders of the word.

Autoritratto con paesaggio svizzero
con Micha Van Hoecke e con la danzatrice Miki Matsuse

Spring 2015 - The Town and the River of Gualtieri
Actors, musicians, dancers, video-makers, and visual artists will physically occupy the spaces of Gualtieri. The relationship between the madman and the village will blow out with all its contradictions, moving from the square to the lands around the river. In fact, it is not a coincidence that the Gualtieri Square was designed by Giovan Battista Aleotti, an architect but also a well-known stage designer.

The play will not stop there. The square will be only the starting point for three possible paths, through the columns, the Bentivoglio Palace, the Gualtieri Theater (in a reversed perspective, the audience seating on the crumbled stage, the actor performing among the Liberty shelves), through the floodplain and the banks of the Po river. The play will assemble shards of a shattered Ligabue with performances, exhibitions, connections with the audience and orchestras floating on the river. I will be again joined by Micha Van Hoecke, together with other Italian and foreign artists, as well as by young performers from the region of Emilia Romagna.